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5 Things you should do to ensure roof longevity

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Most roofs have a 20-year life span, but not all get to that milestone. Before roofs reach the big 2-0, they can get damaged due to inclement weather, rust, moss, termites, and faulty workmanship, among other things. And when they do, they need to be repaired or replaced.

At a time when the US economy is facing one of the sharpest contractions in history, spending on your roof may not be a priority. Thankfully, most roofing problems start small. If you can catch them early, you can ensure roof longevity and avoid unnecessary roof expenses.

Most roofing problems start small. If you can catch them early, you can ensure roof longevity and avoid unnecessary roof expenses.

Here are some ways to keep your roof clean and sturdy all year round.

1. Get your roof inspected regularly
Roof experts advise that you schedule a complete roof maintenance at least twice a year. This lets you catch and fix small problems such as leaks, missing shingles, or dented flashings before they become bigger concerns.

Autumn is the perfect time to get your roof inspected. Not only can you patch up any summer damage on your roof during this time, but you can also prepare your home’s crowning glory for the harsh winter weather. Routine roof maintenance consists of dangerous tasks that require specialized skills, so leave it to professional roofers.

2. Do not power wash your roof shingles
Power washing involves using a high-pressure water spray that can loosen the granules in your shingles and destroy its top coating. This may result in damage that’s not covered by your roof warranty. If there are visible stains on your roof, call a roofing professional so they can identify the best way to remove them. Stains caused by dirt and moss, for instance, can easily come off by brushing the tiles.

3. Pay attention to your gutters
Water is your roof’s enemy, and a functional gutter system keeps it away, preventing water damage, rot, deterioration, or mold growth on your roof and its surrounding structures.

Given their importance, it only makes sense to take care of your gutters. Clean and inspect them regularly — preferably once every quarter — as foliage and other debris can block water drainage and cause the gutters to sag or overflow. Gutters can also suffer from leaks or dents, so make sure you call a roofing expert to check their condition and fix any damage.


4. Insulate your attic
Ice dams form when the heat on the roof is uneven: snow melts over the hot parts of the roof and freezes at the roof edges where it’s too cold. This heavy ridge of ice can deal serious roof damage or even cause your roof to collapse.

Properly insulating your attic will prevent ice dams from forming, as it guarantees an even heat flow throughout the house.

5. Only hire professional roofing contractors
DIY-ing roof repairs can lead to more problems than solutions. You may get seriously hurt or accidentally void a warranty. Take no chances and only let professional roofing contractors make changes to your roof. With years of experience under their belt, roofing experts can thoroughly inspect, clean, or repair your roof to ensure its longevity.

However, don’t just pick the first roofing contractor you come across. Asking these seven questions will help you pick reliable and skillful roofing professionals you can entrust your home with.

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