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Is October too early to prepare your roof for winter?

ice hanging off of roof

Winter arrives in December, but preparing your roof several weeks early wouldn’t hurt. In fact, you should be thinking about fortifying your roof against the oncoming inclement weather as early as now. A roofing job can take two days, two weeks, or more, depending on the severity of the roof damage, so take that into consideration when planning a timeline for winter-proofing your home.

If you’re thinking it’s overkill to start patching your roof up in October, the answer is no. On the contrary, it’s the perfect time to prepare your roof for high winds and sub-zero temperatures.

Optimal weather conditions for roofers and roofing materials

Mid-autumn temperatures in Reno, Nevada range from 38.8°F to 69.3°F, usually accompanied by clear skies. This weather is neither too hot nor too cold for roofers, making it the optimal condition for construction work. And with little to no chance of rain, you can be sure that there will be no weather-related delays.

Autumn weather is also favorable to the handling of roofing materials. Colder temperatures, for instance, make shingles brittle and breakable, requiring roofers to nail each shingle by hand instead of using their roofing guns — a process that inevitably results in delays and higher costs. In contrast, the autumn’s mild temperatures are perfect for installing shingles, and they even facilitate better thermal sealing, guaranteeing that any sealing applied on your roof will adequately bond.

How can you prepare your roof for winter?

By October, your roof will have experienced both the wrath of the summer sun and the fury of torrential rains. This means that it has been damaged to an extent, so you need to get any roofing concerns fixed before winter comes. If you don’t call a professional roofing contractor to strengthen your roof now, the harsh winter weather will beat your roof to a pulp.

If you don’t call a professional roofing contractor to strengthen your roof now, the harsh winter weather will beat your roof to a pulp.

A reliable roofing company like D&D Roofing Sheet and Metal, Inc. can fortify your roof by conducting a comprehensive roof maintenance, which includes the following:

  • Gutter cleaning – This is necessary to ensure that your gutters are free of debris and water can flow smoothly, preventing gutters from sagging or overflowing.
  • Finding and fixing leaks – It takes expertise to fix leaks, as the spot where the leak shows may be different from the source of the leak. For example, a leak may manifest in your attic ceiling, but its cause can be an improperly installed roof nail several feet away.
  • Inspecting flashings – Flashings are thin metal strips that redirect water away from the roof. They’re usually found around any roof installation like chimneys and in places where the roof meets a vertical surface like walls. Faulty flashing can cause leaks and speed up roof decay, so they must routinely be checked for holes and dents.
  • Removing extra roof weight – Snow will add tons of weight to your roof, so call a roofing contractor to have satellites, antennas, and other roofing structures removed before the cold weather sets in.
  • Checking for damage and deterioration – Roof experts will inspect the structural integrity of your roof by checking for things that can compromise its strength, such as moss growth, termite infestation, evidence of rotting, and missing shingles. They will also recommend necessary repairs.
  • Repairing or replacing damaged roof parts – The culmination of a comprehensive roof maintenance is the replacement or repair of damaged roof parts. It’s not enough to know what’s wrong with the roof; the problems must be fixed at once.

As a homeowner, you can prepare your roof for winter by trimming tall trees that overhang your property to prevent their leaves and stems from falling on your roof and blocking the drains. You can also get your attic properly insulated; an even temperature throughout the house stops ice dams from forming, minimizing winter damage, and saving you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Now is the time to call a trusted roofing expert and get your roof patched up. D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc., Inc. has been around for over 40 winters, and our experience speaks for our exceptional workmanship. Get your FREE roof assessment today.

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