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Must-knows about Nevada’s roof insurance policy before you hire a roofing contractor

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Picking the right roof experts should never be done hastily. Instead, homeowners who are choosing a roofing contractor should do their research. For instance, it's imperative for homeowners in Nevada (where the weather can be harsh on roofs) to choose contractors that provide the best value for money, offer unmatched reliability, and deliver exceptional workmanship.

They must also learn about the state’s roof insurance policy, and find out which roofing company best matches the terms of their insurance plan. Here are roof insurance facts that anyone in the Silver State should know:

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Your claims will depend on your scheme

Whether you get thousands of dollars or close to none depends on your insurance policy. For instance, insuring on a replacement costs basis has better coverage than an actual cash value basis.

Replacement costs refer to the amount necessary to rebuild, repair, or replace your roof with materials of the same kind and quality as the original without factoring in the cost of depreciation. On the other hand, actual cash value covers the amount of renovation after depreciation. If your roof has a 20-year warranty and it’s already in its 15th year, your insurance will deduct depreciation costs and cover only its current market price.

The kind of roof insurance you have will be key in deciding on a roofing contractor. You want to be sure that the contractor you hire will be able to match both your expectations and your budget.

The type of construction matters

The type of material used to build your house, including what kind of roof you have, can affect your insurance policy and the cost of repairs. In Nevada, where the summers are arid and the winters are freezing, asphalt composition shingles are the most popular choice for their relative affordability and durability.

While this material has a relatively long life span of 15–20 years, it will still decay faster than slate or metal roofs, which can last for 30–50 years. Roofing insurance companies see this as a risk, so asphalt roofs will be more expensive to insure than roofs made of sturdier materials. Wood shingles usually cost more, since they are not fire- and damage-proof.

If your home is due for a roof replacement, talk to your potential roofing contractor about these insurance concerns. Here at D&D Roofing, our experts will be able to suggest the right roofing materials that will help you save costs in the long run.


There is a difference between warranty and insurance

Many roofing materials come with a manufacturer’s warranty, or a promise to replace a product or provide a refund should the materials malfunction within a specific period due to certain circumstances. Roofing contractors also offer a similar warranty, which guarantees homeowners free roof repair in case the roofing job doesn’t perform as well as expected.

In Nevada, while service contracts and warranties are regulated by the Division of Insurance, they are not treated as types of insurance. Before you hire roofers, make sure that your contract is airtight to avoid unfortunate money-related concerns.

Roofers are also protected

You cannot simply refuse to pay roofing contractors or demand a refund because you weren’t satisfied with their service. Just like homeowners, roofers are protected by different kinds of insurance, including the following:

  • Advertising injury coverage – protects roofing companies from customer claims related to services or products advertised by their business

  • Independent contractor's liability – protects roofing contractors from claims involving the work of independent subcontractors they employed

  • Professional liability insurance — protects roofing businesses from legal claims in case their recommendation or advice causes damage or loss

With 42 years of experience in residential roofing, D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc., Inc. is Nevada’s most experienced and most trusted roofing contractor. You can rely on us to uphold the most skillful level of workmanship that satisfies your insurance policy. Get in touch with us today, and enjoy a complimentary roof assessment.

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