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How to protect the roof of your commercial property from natural disasters

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Nevada has had its share of devastating flash floods, fires, and snowstorms. While there’s no way of stopping these natural disasters from happening, you can protect your commercial building from being obliterated when they do happen. One of the best ways to disaster-proof your property is by protecting your roof from natural disasters. Here's how to do that:

✔ Take your business location into consideration

Survey potential properties before choosing one in which to build your business. Some properties may offer cheap prices, but they could be in a flood zone. Take note of the potential risks posed by the location of your business, so that you’ll know what precautionary measures to take when you build or redesign your commercial space.

If your business is near a body of water or in the usual path of hurricanes, for instance, choose waterproof roofs over water-shedding roofs. The former completely prevents water from entering your property, while the latter relies on its extreme slope (often 3:12 or greater) to shed and drain water very quickly. It also needs a secondary membrane to ensure that water doesn’t penetrate the structure.

If your building has little or no slope, go for water-resistant or hydrostatic roofs. They are able to handle slow-moving water, and they don’t need another membrane to prevent leakage.

✔ Prepare for fire

Reno and other parts of Nevada experience dry weather, low humidity, and high temperatures during summer, making them prone to wildfires. If your property is located in these areas, one simple accident can literally turn your business into dust. This is why you should prioritize fireproofing your commercial property.

Use fire-resistant materials when building or renovating your building. Slate roofs, metal roofs, and Class A asphalt shingles are all fire-resistant, being able to withstand two to four hours of flames before igniting.

✔ Do regular roof maintenance

Water-sealing your roof and using fireproof walls won't keep you safe from natural disasters forever. Disaster-proofing your commercial property will.

Each season brings different threats to property. The end of autumn, for instance, brings leaves and twigs to your roof and gutters, which could result in blocked pipes and poor water drainage. If you don’t get these cleaned, your gutters can break due to overload of water, snow, and debris come winter.

Winter damage is another seasonal problem that requires annual maintenance. After months of enduring freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and high winds, your roof must be checked by experts to ensure that leaks are fixed, heating and ventilation units are working properly, missing shingles are replaced, and damaged roof parts are repaired.

✔ Get the right roof insurance

Legally securing your commercial property is as important as physically securing it against natural disasters. When the worst scenario happens, you don’t want to be left without a means to rebuild your business. Get an insurance policy for your property, especially for parts of the building most likely to encounter a disaster, like your roof.

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Read the fine print of your policy so you don’t miss the salient points about which types of disasters are covered. If a fire consumes your eight-year-old roof, will it be insured for its original price or its current market value? If a hurricane blows off your newly installed roof, should you be running after the construction company or discussing with your commercial property insurer? Your policy should clearly articulate the parameters of insurance, and which conditions void them.

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