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Why you need to get your roof checked this new year


The new year is for new beginnings. If you want to start a new hobby or learn another language, it’s the perfect time to do so. Many people begin anew by redesigning their homes. Should you want to do the same, then your roof is the perfect place to start renovations. Since it’s the topmost structure of the house, you can take a top-to-bottom approach in refurbishing.

But how do you know if your roof needs fixing or replacing? Take note of the following.

1. Your roof is at the end of its life span.

Different roof materials have different life spans. Asphalt shingles can last for about 20 years, while metal roofing can stand about 30 years of being exposed to the elements. If your roof has reached these milestone years, then it’s time to replace it. Even if it still looks good from the outside, your roof might have tiny but numerous fissures that can cause it to collapse without you noticing it.

2. There are curling shingles.

There are two ways shingles can curl. “Clawing” is when the edges of the shingle turn inward, and “cupping” is when they turn upward. Both of them spell bad news. Shingles should always lay flat on the roof. Any part that’s not touching the roof is a potential entryway for water or moisture. If you see curled shingles, call your roof experts immediately. They will be able to determine if you only need to replace the affected tiles or if you have to replace the roof completely.

3. There are missing shingles.

Even worse than having curling shingles is finding out that you have missing ones. Absent shingles almost always guarantee a leak. You can try replacing missing shingles with new tiles, but this may result in an odd-looking roof. After all, it’s difficult to find brand new tiles that match the color of old ones, as shingles tend to discolor after being baked in the sun and pelted by rainwater repeatedly. With this aesthetic consideration in mind, replacing your roof entirely might be more prudent.

4. Sunlight seeps through your attic.

One quick way to check for leaks is to look for rays of sunlight in your attic, since light can only pass through your roof if there are holes in it. And if there are any holes, then wind, snow, and rain can also easily pass through and cause damage to your house.

If you notice a sunlit spot in your attic, call roof experts. While small holes can be sealed without much ado, big or numerous holes need more attention and expertise that your local roof company can provide.

5. Your roof is sagging.

Sagging roofs can be caused by various things, such as roof overloading or rotten roof materials. If your roof sags in places, it loses the slope necessary to drain water properly. Sagging roofs can also be a threat to your safety. Before any unfortunate accident happens, get your roof replaced.

If you have any questions about residential roofing, or if you’d like a free estimate, contact us at D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc., Inc. Our roof professionals will make sure your roof sees another new year. Call us today.

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