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Roof repair or roof replacement: Which one does your home need?

roof repair

Life slows down during summer. Schools are on a break, and employees often take days off to enjoy the sun. With the more relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect time for homeowners like you to finally start that roof project you’ve always wanted to undertake.

But if you’re wondering whether your home needs a roof repair or a roof replacement, take this quiz. At the end of this five-point questionnaire, you’ll have a clear understanding of what kind of care your roof needs and what roofing project you'll need to invest in. Let’s begin.

1. How old is your roof?

  • A. 1–10 years old
  • B. 11–19 years old
  • C. 20 years old or above

If you answered C, then you’re due for a roof replacement because roofs have a limited life span. Asphalt shingles or composition roofs, arguably the most popular roofing material in Reno, Nevada, can only protect your property for about 20 years. Even if your roof appears to be in good condition, it has gone past its prime. It’s no longer the best protection against inclement weather and other threats, which is why you need to replace it with a new and sturdy roof.

2. Which of the following is true about your roof shingles?

  • A. There are no missing shingles, but I notice grain-like debris around my property.
  • B. There are several lifted or missing shingles in some parts of the roof.
  • C. Most of my shingles are upturned or missing.

The first two situations can easily be fixed by repairing parts of the roof. The first situation, for instance, shows that your shingles are losing granules, an occurrence called “balding.” This can be because your shingles are chipped or damaged, or because they have been exposed to high winds or storms. The solution is to replace the shingles, not the entire roof. However, note that new shingles also have excessive granules, so it's natural for these to be shed off during the first few weeks.

The rule of thumb is that if a good part of your roof has damaged or missing shingles, call your roofing contractor so that they can decide on the best course of action.

3. Are the slopes of your roof intact?

Slopes can be tricky to assess. They may appear sturdy on the outside, but their underlying structure might already have significant damage. This is why regular maintenance is necessary. If you haven’t gotten your roof checked this year, book a roofing company to survey your roof.

But if a part of your roof is already caving in (choice C), consider it a roof emergency. You must call your roofers immediately. They will most likely have to rebuild the structure entirely, and replace your old roof with a new one.

4. When it comes to roof leaks, which is true for you?

Whether you have one or many leaks, you need to get your roof repaired. Depending on the number and severity of leaks, a reliable roofing contractor will suggest solutions to address your problem. Small leaks may be patched with sealants, but bigger ones may require roof replacement.

5. Is there moss on your roof?

    • A. They look fine from afar, but upon closer inspection they are not perfect.
    • B. They’re visibly askew, but not enough to ruin the aesthetic of my property.
    • C. Part of my roof is caving in.
    • A. There are several small leaks in our roof.
    • B. There are only a few leaks, but they’re all large.
    • C. When it rains, we have to place buckets under the leaks.
    • A. Part of my roof is covered with a light layer of moss.
    • B. The majority of my roof area is covered with a lush layer of moss.
    • C. My roof is sagging with moss.

Biannual roof maintenance is recommended to prevent the overgrowth of moss on your roof. But if you’ve missed a couple of seasons without getting your roof cleaned, don’t fret. Roofs with light to moderate layers of moss (choices A and B) can be easily cleaned and repaired by professional roofers. Unfortunately, roofs that have been taken over completely by moss and other plants (choice C) might need to be replaced at the soonest time possible so that the roof structure doesn’t give way under the weight.

Whether you’re looking for roof repair experts or roof replacement specialists, D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. offers the highest-quality workmanship and materials. We’ve been protecting the crown jewel of homes in Nevada for over 40 years, and it will be our pride and pleasure to protect your home as well. Schedule a FREE consultation with us today.

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