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The benefits of doing roof maintenance and repair in spring

roof repair

Unless your roof is in dire need of repair during the cold winter months, it’s best to wait for spring to have your roof maintenance and repair done. This is because processes such as thermal sealing can take excessively long periods of time when temperatures are low, and snow and ice formations can make roofs very unsafe for installers.

When the snow, sleet, and frost of Nevada’s winter have all melted away, checking the condition of your roof is a good habit to have. Some types of damage you’ll need to check for include:

  • Leaks – Warm air from heated rooms can melt snow on roofs, and the water can refreeze along roof edges where heat is lacking. Ice dams can form and force snow melt to seep under shingles and into leakage points. Water can repeatedly freeze and melt at these points, causing these nooks and crannies to expand.
  • Sagging roof and ceiling – Excessive snow buildup can exert too much pressure on roofs and ceilings, making them leak and creak, and putting them at risk of collapsing.
  • Damaged shingles and gutters – When left alone, icicle formations can grow so big and heavy as to dislodge shingles and bend gutters out of shape.
  • Attic ceiling condensation – Leaks can reach attic ceilings, and the moisture buildup can lead to wood rot and disease-causing mold.

Should you decide to have roof work done in the spring, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

You’ll have less weather-related problems
Roof jobs are done better, more quickly, and more safely when the weather is fair. There’ll be no snow and ice to clear, fewer hazards to mind, and warmer temperatures for setting asphalt, cement, and seals more quickly.

However, roof workers will have to prepare for occasional showers, something that will happen less often during the summer. But because summer months are excessively hot…

...Spring roof improvements can mean cooling cost savings
Adding thermal insulation to your roof can keep the sun's heat out, which means you won't have to crank up the AC once summer heatwaves hit. This means big savings on energy too.. Moreover, if you have an attic, improving its ventilation can mitigate heat buildup, remove excess moisture, keep mold from growing, and prevent ice dams from forming during winter.

Roofing contractors tend to be more available
Summer and fall tend to be prime seasons for roof jobs because the weather is more predictable and consistently warm. Therefore, booking a roofing contractor during these times can be quite difficult. In fact, you might have to book a month or two in advance during these peak seasons. Save yourself the headache by scheduling roof work during springtime instead.

Spring is undoubtedly the season of renewal. To breathe new life into your roof, turn to D&D Roofing. Countless homeowners and business owners in Nevada trust us for all of their roofing needs. Schedule a friendly consultation with us today.

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