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How to save money on a roof replacement

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While roof repairs and maintenance help extend the life of your roof significantly, the time will come when you need to replace your old roof. On rare occasions, it will be due to the extensive damage wrought by extraordinary events such as fires and falling trees. Most of the time, however, a roof replacement is called for simply because the existing ones have reached their end of life.

A well-kept roof can last 15–20 years in places where harsh weather events such as heat waves and heavy rains are infrequent. Since weather in Nevada varies and can become extreme, roofs in the state tend to have shorter life spans. However long roofs last, roof replacements are inevitable, and the scope of such projects make them costly.

Did you know?
Roof replacement costs normally depend on three factors: materials used, labor employed, and disposal of old roofing materials. Labor may take up to 50% of the total project fee because of how labor-intensive replacing a roof is, how the job requires technical skills, and also because of how dangerous roof work is.

This is because roof replacement entails the removal of old roofing and the installation of new roofing. This means that even if the replacement is only partial, the scope of this type of roof job is usually way bigger than roof maintenance and repairs, so the expense will be bigger as well. However, there’s no need to panic — here are tips to help you save money without sacrificing roof quality.

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Determine what you need
Pull out the paperwork on your roofing construction and/or recent roof jobs to know what materials were used and see how large and complex the roof replacement will be. Having these details will help you estimate costs accurately and make bids for your roof project competitive.

One way to significantly save money is by downgrading your materials. Asphalt shingles are among the most affordable overlay materials, whereas tiles, slate, and metal are more expensive. However, keep in mind that some materials are better than black asphalt shingles at keeping homes cool during sweltering Nevada summers. If you’re concerned about cooling costs, factor in thermal insulation and ventilation in your cost assessment.

Avoid booking in the summer or fall
Summer and fall are the seasons when roof installers are the busiest; and high demand increases the price of limited labor supply. In late winter or spring, roofers may offer off-season discounts, so take advantage of those. Furthermore, replacing your roof then lets you prepare for the hot summer months to come.

Get many quotes and references
Don’t just go to one contractor — compare quotes from many roofers. This will help you gauge whether a bid is too low (which may indicate subpar construction standards) or too high. Additionally, if a roofer doesn’t offer warranties for materials and installation, take them off your list of potential contractors. Lastly, ask them to point you to past clients near your area so you can check the quality of their work and assess their clients’ satisfaction with their new roofs.

Have your insurance cover costs
When roof damage is not caused by neglect, your homeowners insurance may cover part or all of the roof replacement cost. Perhaps your policy only covers damage caused by severe weather, falling trees, and/or accidental or intentional acts by other people, and not wear and tear accrued over time. To be certain, talk with your insurer.

Negotiate labor and disposal cost reductions by offering to do some of the work
If you have experience doing roof work, ask your contractor to let you handle some roof replacement tasks in exchange for lower fees. Perhaps they can let you take on shingle removal, disposal of old roofing materials, and/or other duties.

However, if you cause damage that would mean extra work for your contractor, then you might end up spending more than if you just let your contractor do everything. Additionally, there is also the risk of severely injuring yourself, which again can cost you dearly. At the end of the day, it’s good to be penny-wise, but not to be pound-foolish.

We at D&D Roofing can assure you that replacing your roof ought not to break the bank. To receive a cost-effective option, contact us today for a free estimate.

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