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3 Common roofing problems during summer

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Summers in Nevada can get as hot as 91°F, with daylight lasting for about 13 hours. While modern roofs are made to withstand extreme temperatures for long durations, even the toughest roof will take a hit in this heat.

This is why homeowners need to pay particular attention to their roof during summer. Not only does the intense heat pose several problems to your roof, but it also exacerbates the damages your roof suffered in the previous seasons.

What happens to your roof during the summer?

If you leave an object under the sun for a prolonged period, it will heat up, wrinkle, or crack. Pretty much the same happens to your roof, leading to the following problems:

1. Roofing material degradation
Any roofing material will degrade under extended exposure to direct sunlight. Asphalt shingles — which are used in the majority of residential roofs in Nevada — will erode and bald under constant heat, leaving the surface underneath exposed to the elements. Metal roofs may be less prone to corrosion, but they are not immune to oil canning or waviness. No roofing material is safe, and sun damage will be more severe and more visible in older roofs.

What to do?
Before summer ends, call your local roofing contractor to assess how badly the season has damaged your roof. You shouldn’t go into autumn — and definitely not into winter — with an unrepaired roof. If your roof is over 20 years old, replace it right away.

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2. Thermal shock
Thermal shock is what happens when your roof is subjected to a rapid change in temperature, causing roofing materials to expand or contract. Roofs in Nevada are prone to thermal shocks since the state is largely a desert and temperatures significantly drop at night even when it's summer. And because your roofing system is made up of different materials that expand and contract at different rates, thermal shock can cause a misalignment in your roof structure.

It can also destroy the elasticity of your roofing materials. Asphalt shingles can curl or crack when subjected to continuous expansion and contraction. Flashings can be damaged or dislodged, causing your roof to crackle or buckle. Thermal shock can also put stress on roofs with fasteners, enlarging fastener holes and causing leaks.

What to do?
Keeping your roof well-maintained minimizes the risks of thermal shock damage. After all, if a well-sealed roof and a dilapidated roof receive the same amount of stress, the former will sustain fewer and less severe damages than the latter.

Roof maintenance should be done at least twice a year, the ideal being once every season. This summer, tap experienced roof technicians for a quarterly roof check-up.

Roof maintenance should be done at least twice a year, the ideal being once every season. This summer, tap experienced roof technicians for a quarterly roof check-up. They can fasten loose bolts, address gravel loss, check seams, and close any roof openings. They can also ensure that your roof products are used in the exact way recommended by the manufacturer so as not to void your warranty.

3. Problems related to humidity
When warm, humid air comes into contact with something cooler like glass, it releases its moisture and forms water droplets. These droplets are called condensation, and in summer, we can see it as puddles on windowsills or steam on windows and roofs.

Condensation can settle in between and beneath shingles, which may result in rotting, and eventually, in leaks and serious roof damage. It can also promote moss and mold growth that’s not only unpleasant to look at, but can also weaken your roof structure and lift shingles.

What to do?
Ask your roofing experts to weatherproof your roof and adjacent areas to deal with humidity-related problems. Insulating your attic, for example, can prevent warm, moisture-laden air from forming below your roof.

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