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What are the most common types of roof repairs?


The average lifespan of roofs is 20 years. But weathering, overloading, and accidents can drive homeowners in Nevada to have parts of their roofs repaired or even overhauled way before that milestone.

Types of roof repairs

Determining if it's time for your roof to be fixed or replaced can be difficult if you don't know the types of damage it can sustain. Here are the most common types of roof damage that will let you know if you need to call roof experts ASAP:

Shingle repairs

Most residential roofs in the Silver State use shingles. These are tough materials that can withstand UV exposure, heavy rains, and high winds. But they also take hits.

Call your local roofing company if you observe any of these:

  • Granule loss – Over time, shingles will weather and lose granules or pieces, exposing the surfaces underneath. If you see granule-like particles on the ground of your property, it’s a sign of balding shingles.

  • Broken shingles – Shingles tend to break easily when severely damaged by extreme weather conditions. They must be replaced at once to prevent leaks.

  • Splitting – Shingles split when they expand then suddenly contract due to sudden changes in temperature.

  • Curling – The edges of shingles can either curl inward (clawing) or outward (cupping) due to lack of moisture or excessive heat. Either scenario spells disaster.

  • Shrinkage – Some shingles shrink due to weathering or normal aging.

  • Lifted shingles – If shingles shrink or curl, their edges can also lift and allow water to seep underneath.

  • Weathering of shingles in valleys – Valleys are areas where slopes meet. These spots can weather faster than other parts of the roof, since water often flows over them en route to the gutters.

Flashing repairs due to improper installation

Professional roof experts use roof flashing like galvanized steel or zinc alloy to direct water away from chimneys, walls, dormers, and other areas where the roof meets a vertical plane.

Unfortunately, some contractors may miss sealing a spot, causing the flashing to curl up and let water in. Others may use substandard materials that easily break just to save on costs.

Poor roofing jobs can lead to more extensive roof repairs, so only trust certified experts like D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. to do maintenance and refurbishment work. Needless to say, you shouldn’t do the roofing work yourself.


Gutter maintenance and repair

Gutters catch water — and just about anything else, from twigs to leaves to dead insects. This is why they should be cleaned two to four times a year, especially during fall and spring.

If you don’t clean your gutters, debris can clog up drains and prevent water from smoothly flowing. Water can also flood over the gutters, which can result in roof rotting. Worse, the gutters can cave in due to the weight, necessitating immediate repairs.

Leaky roof repair

Leaks are readily observable signs of deterioration, and often indicate roof damage. But because water can travel through pipes and other roof materials, it can be difficult for non-experts to locate the source of a leak.

Whether it’s a small or a large leak, always consult a roof specialist. You can never tell if the tiny dark puddle on your ceiling is caused by a pool of standing water, with your roof on the verge of collapse.


Repair due to poor ventilation

Excessive heat from poorly ventilated and overheated roofs can cause shingles to blister. Moreover, when air cannot flow properly, humid conditions encourage the growth of mildew and mold. This leads to the rotting of the wooden parts of the roof, like the fascia and the rafters, which hold the roof structure together. Poor ventilation can also lead to pest infestation.

If your roof needs any of the repairs listed here, D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. is just one call away. We’re the most experienced roofers in Reno and Carson City, with over four decades of quality craftsmanship under our belt. Schedule a FREE assessment today.

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