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How do I prepare my home for a roof replacement?

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So you’ve finally decided to get your roof replaced. But between making that decision and before the roof contractors lift the first shingle, you have a lot of work to do. As a homeowner in Nevada, you have the responsibility of making sure that everything goes smoothly for your household and your immediate community.

Check everything on this list before roof renovation starts.

Roof replacement checklist

Make arrangements for kids and pets

Roof replacements can be extremely loud, which can cause anxiety and restlessness. The noise can also make kids throw tantrums and drive pets into a frenzy. Young children may also get curious about what’s happening and get dangerously close to the working zone. For both physical safety and emotional health, keep youngsters and pets at a safe distance from the construction site.

Keep your driveway clear

Equipment, tools, and trucks need to be moved every now and then during construction. Make sure that your vehicle doesn’t obstruct contractors’ access, so relocate it away from the work area. You also don’t want your car to be damaged by falling debris or shingles, so park it where it’s safe from such accidents.

Strip your wall of decorations

Machinery used for roof construction will cause vibrations throughout your house, with your walls absorbing most of the shock.

Prepare for the strong tremors by removing decorations such as pictures, banners, or memorabilia from your wall. A good rule to follow is, if it isn’t secured by a screw, take it down. And if you have chandeliers and other hanging light fixtures, it’s best that you store them for the duration of the project.

Move or cover your belongings in the attic

With the constant hammering and pounding that happen during a roof installation, expect dust and debris to rain inside your attic. If you can’t move the things in your attic to another room that won’t be directly impacted by the construction, you can keep them (somehow) clean by covering them in drop cloths. However, prepare to vacuum the uncovered attic floor afterward.

Prune nearby trees, protect your plants, and cut your grass

Survey the area around your property and determine which trees can cause accidents or encumber contractors’ movements during roof repair. Prune these trees to create a clear work zone and optimal working conditions.

If you have plants outside your house that can be rained on by debris or are in danger of being trampled on, cover them in canvas sheets.

Also, cut your grass a day before the installation to make cleanup easier. Tall grass can hide fallen debris, nails, or tools that can cause injury.

Talk to your neighbors about the construction

A responsible homeowner should tell their neighbors about the upcoming renovation to discuss the noise and other potential inconveniences it may cause them. Give them a heads up about when during the day the construction will be happening and for how long, so they can adjust accordingly.

Consider all the necessary things that can potentially start arguments and disturb the peace. For example, be sure to ask for your neighbor’s permission before you cut the branches of their trees or dump construction materials near their property.

Talk to your contractor

Experienced roof contractors like D&D Roofing will encourage you to plan with them, because you know your home best. For instance, roof experts will need to identify several power outlets for their machines and equipment, and you can point them to the most accessible ones.


You can also raise pertinent concerns. Doing so will lessen unforeseen challenges, increase your satisfaction, and greatly help contractors finish within the agreed-upon time frame. If you’re worried that your plants would be walked on and flattened, for example, plan a route that will keep foot traffic away from them.

At D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc., we listen to you before we work. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we know you’ll be satisfied, no matter what kind of project you’re planning. We’re also offering a FREE roof estimate just for you. Get in touch with us now.

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