“I would like to personally take this opportunity to commend your employees, Mr. Fernando Barajas & Mr. Carlos Moran, for the outstanding and professional work ethic and leadership demonstrated during past roofing projects for our clients, Prologis. Fernando & Carlos exhibited ingenuity and a keen understanding of the roofs details to ensure that the installed roofs provide the utmost in quality for the owner. The work was done in an exemplary fashion and Mr. Barajas & Mr. Moran made sure that the specifications were explicitly followed. The pride showed in their work and attention to detail, and is greatly appreciated by our firms as well as the owner. We would like to present the enclosed jacket as a small token of our appreciation. It signifies to us that Mr. Barajas and Mr. Moran are artisans and belong to an elite group of craftsman that consistently demonstrate quality workmanship in their trade.”

Nick A. Lovato