“I am writing to tell you about my experience with D & D Roofing and Rich Borden. My experience is based on a 7 month project so I will do my best to summarize as best I can. In April 2009 I had a foreclosed house on Hunter Lake Drive under contract to purchase. The first and most important known repair was the roof, which clearly leaked and needed to be replaced. The roof was one of several improvements I would make to the house during the next few months. Due to the importance of the roof I started calling roofing companies before I purchased the house on May 8, 2009. I called three roofers, one responded quickly with a visit and an estimate, one responded with a visit and never provided an estimate, and one never responded. The roofer that did not respond was D & D, so I crossed D & D off my list. However, in the following weeks D & D came highly recommended by four people (Gary and Ester Nielsen, my uncle Dade Thieriot and Peter Funston) who said they know you and D & D Roofing and I should take the time to make another effort to get an estimate. So, I made another call to Rich Borden, who was very apologetic for not responding to my first call. Rich was prompt in scheduling a time to come out and take a look at the project. I was skeptical until I saw how thorough of a review Rich made of my roof, much more so than the other two roofers. The estimate was quick to follow. Upon receipt of an estimate from D & D I had information from two companies. The estimate from D & D was quite a bit higher, but once again, much more thorough with the details. I worked with Rich on price and based on the recommendations and how impressed I was with the evaluation process I decided to move forward with D & D. From the day I signed the contract with Rich to replace the roof, skylights and gutters, the project at Hunter Lake Drive had changed and expanded several times to include roof fascia wrap, chimney cap, electrical box cover, and Gaco deck coating. In addition to the change orders, the overall renovation project had run into several delays due to non D & D issues. However, Rich and the D & D team were very helpful with temporary patches and working around the incompetence of others. Rich and D & D were onsite dozens of times to check progress and work integrity. There were a few bumps along the way, but overall the job was organized and managed in a professional manner. I give kudos to Rich for a fine recovery on a job that was almost never materialized for D & D. It was a pleasure working with Rich and the D & D team, and I would be happy to provide a recommendation on behalf of D & D and will certainly call D & D first the next time I need roofing or sheet metal work done in Reno/Tahoe area.”

Josh Thieriot