“In the spring of 2017, your Project Manager Robert Gentry came out to our home to assess a small rook leak. Although the home and tile roof are only 15 years old, Mr. Gentry recommended complete removal and replacement of all roof materials. Obviously, a project of that magnitude is a very expensive undertaking and worthy of much consideration. It was the authentic trust conveyed by Mr. Gentry, his attention to detail, and wise recommendations to scope of materials proposed that led us to accept his Proposal. As you know, it is the professionalism shown by front-line employees that creates the necessary confidence in the customer to secure contracts. On September 18, your team arrived at our home to begin its work. It was an incredible reassurance to see that Mr. Gentry would be onsite and leading the work crew for the entire project. He provided me his cell phone number and encouraged me to call him as necessary. He is a master roofer. Specifically, I witnessed again his attention to detail, journeyman craftsmanship, and leadership of his men. He is an incredible asset to your business! Please also convey out thanks to all the members of your crew who worked on our home. We very much appreciate their skills and team work.”