The whys and hows of autumn roof maintenance

With its crisp air and soft winds, autumn brings milder weather than summer. In Nevada, a 100°F temperature in summer can drop to 75°F in early autumn, and can even go down to as low as 31°F just before winter. But while the threats of weather to your roof are less harsh in autumn, it doesn’t mean that you should slack off on roof protection.

3 Common roofing problems during summer

Summers in Nevada can get as hot as 91°F, with daylight lasting for about 13 hours. While modern roofs are made to withstand extreme temperatures for long durations, even the toughest roof will take a hit in this heat.

This is why homeowners need to pay particular attention to their roof during summer.

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7 Ways to cool down your Nevada home this summer

Summer has come once again. And this year, instead of experiencing sun, sand, and sea, you’ll probably be spending the hottest time of the year at home to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Summers in Nevada can be scorching, with day temperatures reaching as high as 108°F. But by changing simple things about your house or lifestyle, like opting for cool roofing materials, you can breeze through the summer heat.

Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors

The team here at D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal is truly excited to be part of the local Wounded Warrior home.  It was our honor and privilege to be able to donate the labor and materials to such an amazing cause in our community.  Well done team!!

Must-knows about Nevada’s roof insurance policy before you hire a roofing contractor

Picking the right roof experts should never be done hastily. Instead, homeowners who are choosing a roofing contractor should do their research. For instance, it's imperative for homeowners in Nevada (where the weather can be harsh on roofs) to choose contractors that provide the best value for money, offer unmatched reliability, and deliver exceptional workmanship.