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Keep pests off your roof and out of your home


Well-built roofs are meant to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy loads such as accumulated snow (up to a point), but all sorts of critters can diminish roofs’ structural integrity and strength. To make the crown of your Nevada home last as long as possible, watch out for these pests:

Termites and carpenter ants

When your roof suffers a leak and wooden structures start to rot, termite and carpenter ant infestations usually follow. These insects gnaw through and thus weaken wooden beams, increasing the risk of the roof collapsing in on itself. These pests tend to be a nuisance all around the home, so if you find them in your walls, you’ll want a pest exterminator to examine your entire house, including your roof.


Bees are critical pollinators, but they’re best kept away from your roof. Aside from potentially stinging you and your family, bees can also damage your house. Carpenter bees in particular like to burrow and create tunnels across lumber, while beehives tend to attract birds — another type of animal that can wreak havoc on your roof — that like to eat bee larvae. Have a professional remove the hive and implement measures that prevent these pollinators from coming back.


These creatures may have beautiful plumage and sweet chirps, but they also have the nasty habits of plopping acidic poop on rooftops, clogging gutters with their nests, and getting stuck in your downspouts (the poor things). When water can’t drain well and starts to spill over the gutters, it can start drenching your fascia and promote wood rot. Have a roofer remove the nests, then consider building birdhouses to keep these winged wonders away from your roof.


Rats, mice, and squirrels like to scurry across the inner spaces of roofs because predators like cats usually can’t reach them there. These rodents are excellent climbers and will make roofs their home once they find a way in. Then, they’ll chew through wood to create nest cavities and keep their teeth from growing too large. They’ll burrow through insulation or pull pieces of it to build themselves warm nests. And when they’re thirsty, they’ll spot condensation on pipes and air conditioning lines — and have no qualms biting through these to get more to drink.

You might want to spread poison or lay down traps for these critters yourself, but note that when they die and decompose, their stench is nauseating. It’s much better to have an exterminator deal with your rodent infestation instead. You may need to include your exterminator in your roof maintenance routine if there are a lot of rodents in your area.

All sorts of critters can diminish roofs’ structural integrity and strength.

To prevent these toothy pests from coming back, you’ll want to look for connecting paths and entry points in your home. You’ll need to cut branches that are too close to your home, seal holes and cracks in your walls, and replace missing shingles. Ultrasonic devices may also be effective in deterring mice and rats because the frequencies emitted by these machines are too bothersome for such rodents. Cleanliness is also a factor in being rodent-free. Without food scraps to bring up to their roof nests and feed on, these pests will be forced to rummage for meals elsewhere.

For your roof to continue to protect you and your family from the elements, you must protect it from roof pests in turn. If, after getting rid of infestations, you need to have your roof repaired, turn to our expert roofers at D&D Roofing. More than bringing your roof back to its pristine condition, we can also help you seal your roof to keep those critters from coming back. Tell us all about your roofing needs by sending us a message or calling us at (775) 521-7440.