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Why spring is the best time to get roofing projects done


Spring is the time of renewal. Things are growing, and a new chapter is beginning. There is sunlight — lots of it — and you can see everything in clear light. What the overcast winter weather might have covered is now in full display, and you can see every dent and every imperfection on your roof.

If you haven't gotten your roof checked this year, or if you’re thinking of undertaking a roofing project, spring is the best time to do so. Here are several reasons why.

Spring is for cleaning and repairing

Winter in Nevada can be harsh, and your roof might have taken a hit after months of being exposed to inclement weather. Whether you’re facing ice dams, damaged shingles, or multiple leaks, spring is the perfect time to repair and truss up roof weaknesses.

It’s also the best time to clear out leaves, twigs, and other debris that might have clogged your gutters. In fact, roof maintenance should be part of your spring cleaning routine, as it helps you catch and fix small issues before they become big problems. Your roofing contractor can remove the moss growth on your shingles before it causes decay.

The weather is ideal

Spring is neither too cold nor too hot, so your contractors will have the optimal conditions when they fix your roof. The perfect temperature allows them to work better, as they can handle equipment without the cold biting their hands, or install roofing materials without being scorched under the sun.

The mild weather also guarantees that your roofing materials are in the best condition: some materials such as metal roofs and asphalt shingles can expand under high temperatures and contract under freezing conditions. Other materials, like tar paper, can also dry up in extreme heat.
What’s more, spring offers generally clear skies, so you won’t have to worry about rains or winds that can peel off seals, lift flashings, or unhinge newly installed shingles.

It prepares your home for the coming hot season

Replacing your roof with a lighter color or cooler roofing materials can prepare your home for the summer heat. ENERGY STAR®-certified materials like Owens Corning Duration Premium Cool Shingles, for example, help lower indoor temperature and decrease reliance on air conditioning.

Improving attic insulation and ventilation also aids in keeping your dwelling comfortable. By insulating your attic, you let less heat in and prevent excessive heat build-up that can damage roof structures. Meanwhile, proper ventilation promotes better air circulation, expels moisture, and improves air quality.

Spring has the best deals

Homeowners tend to wait until late summer or early fall to get their roofs fixed, making either the busiest season for roofers. Because it’s the peak season, contractors are fully booked, roofing rates increase, and the cost of roofing materials go through the roof.

To avoid all these, schedule roof projects in spring. It’s a much slower season, so it’s easy to find roof experts who can immediately attend to your request. Market prices will also be more competitive this time of the year, so you can save a lot on costs.

Your roof is your home’s crowning glory, so make sure it’s sturdy for the seasons to come. For any roof repair, replacement, or maintenance project, trust D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc., Inc. to deliver efficient and skilled work. After all, we are Nevada’s most trusted roofing contractor with 42 years of quality craftsmanship. Request a FREE quote by calling us at (775) 521-7440 , or by sending us a message today.

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