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Why fixing your own roof can do more bad than good

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Fixing your own roof to cut expenses can be tempting. When you find a leak, for instance, you might think that you should just fix it yourself because it's only a simple problem. But if you ask our experts at D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc., Inc., they’ll say that fixing a leak is not as simple as it seems.

For one, the source of a leak is often not directly above it, as water can travel through roof structures. A leak may also be just a manifestation of a bigger problem, such as weak roof structures or dented flashing. If repairing a leak sounds complicated, roofing concerns that require the handling of specialized equipment are even more so.

The bottom line: your roof needs expert care. Consider the following reasons why a DIY approach to roof maintenance can do more harm than good.

Overlooking damage

If you’re not well-versed in the various types of roof damage, you might overlook some of them. A slight roof discoloration may seem fine to you, but it can indicate something serious like the rusting of installed roof structures.

When experts examine your roof, they will know what to look for — and where. They know the common causes of roof damage, so they can assess your roof condition efficiently and comprehensively. Local roofing contractors also have an advantage because they are familiar with the climate of the region. Thus, they know the weather hazards to which roofs are prone.

Accidents and further roof damage

There are many dangers to DIY roof repair and maintenance. If you’re not careful, you can slip or fall from a great height. You can also suffer from insect bites, as bees and wasps like to build their nests under soffits and roof lines.

On top of accidents like stepping on a weak beam or hitting your finger with a hammer, mishandling of roofing equipment and sloppy technique can also worsen roof damage.

Poor workmanship

Your roof shouldn’t merely be functional: it must also look presentable. DIY-ing your roof can result in lopsided slopes, uneven roof tiles, crooked gutters, and other unpleasant sights.

You may be able to replace the missing shingles on your roof, but your work will not look as good as a professional roofer’s. Your house can lose its curb appeal and your property’s value can go down. At worst, you may need to call in roof experts to redo your work. You will save a lot of time and money by entrusting your roof to reliable contractors the first time around.

Not as cost-effective as you think

Professional roofing contractors like D&D Roofing work on hundreds of roofs every year. We buy materials and tools in bulk, so we’re able to keep our costs competitive. If you decide to work on your roof yourself, you’ll be buying materials for a far higher price. You will also need to invest in roofing gear and materials — things that you may not use again in the near future.

What’s more, at D&D Roofing, we have expert roofers who work efficiently and skillfully. What could take an amateur days to finish can be done by our roofers in just a few minutes or hours. If you factor in the effort, time, and costs of your DIY roofing project, you’ll find that it’s not as cheap as you expect it to be. Why not hire a roofing contractor that offers fixed costs and guarantees stellar results instead?

Roof longevity requires expert care

A metal roof is expected to last up to 70 years, but in the hands of an inexperienced roofer, it may not be able to reach that milestone. Roofs need proper care to last longer, so it’s critical that only skilled roofers do maintenance and repair work on them. And because roof specialists are certified to handle roof materials and equipment, you’re confident that they won’t void any warranties.

If you have a roofing project in mind or if your roof is due for a maintenance check, call us at (775) 521-7440 or send us a message for a free estimate.

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