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Roof leaks can do more damage to your business than you think

roof leak

Humans are attracted to aesthetically pleasing structures, and there’s no denying that clean and properly maintained establishments help enhance both workers’ productivity and customers’ experience. Roof leaks, meanwhile, are the opposite of visually stimulating. The sad-looking water stains on your ceiling and the buckets catching the drips may even lower your employees’ morale, because who wants to work for a company that can’t even repair its roof?

More than being eyesores and morale downers, roof leaks can lead to unpleasant situations that may get your business in serious trouble, such as:

High repair costs

Left unfixed, roof leaks can cause damage to other parts of the building. It can rot the ceiling. It can also stain walls and floors. So instead of having to pay only for roofing maintenance, you’ll have to spend more to fix damage on a larger scale. This is why regular property maintenance should always be part of your operational budget. Even if you shell out money to hire roof services once in a while, it will prove to be cheaper in the long run.

Damaged products

Water can travel from one part of the building to another. Even if the hole in the roof is not directly above the room where you keep your inventory, water can crawl across pipes or wiring, drip on your goods, and damage them.

And even if water doesn’t soak your goods directly, it can harm your products by causing mold and mildew to thrive in places where there is condensation. These hazards can contaminate or spoil your products, resulting in lost revenue.

Health and safety hazards

Beyond causing spoilage, roof leaks leave moisture on the ceiling or on walls, making these surfaces the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. These fungal growths produce airborne spores (reproductive cells) that, when inhaled, can trigger allergies or cause respiratory problems among those who have weak immune systems. Such health hazards can lower workers’ productivity and cause recurring absences.

On top of that, leaks that have been present for a while can decay the materials of your building. When part of your ceiling becomes dilapidated, it can collapse and injure your employees.

For such reasons, your company can be fined by health authorities for having a dangerous working environment.

Lower potential revenue

The building in which you conduct your business tells a lot about your company. A pleasant facade invites clients to do business with you, while a commercial structure with leaking roofs turns off prospective customers. People want to do business with companies they can trust — and high on that list are companies that can take care of their infrastructure. If your roof is in obvious disrepair, your company image and professional reputation will suffer and you can lose potential revenue.

Roofs protect your business and your employees in more ways than one. Invest in the upkeep of your property by partnering with D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc., Inc. We are your local roof maintenance and repair specialists with 43 years of expertise in all types of roof installations and maintenance. If your business is located in Reno, Reno, or Carson City, you can enjoy free estimates by getting in touch with us today.

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