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If you see these signs, call your roofing maintenance experts immediately

roof damage

All too often, we don’t pay attention to our roofs before it’s too late. When sunlight is abundant in the summer, we see no reason to check our roofs for leaks. Hence, we only discover problems when snow or storms come.

Before shingles fall off or part of your roof gives in, check your house for these signs of disrepair. If you see any of the following, call your roofing maintenance experts at once.

Curling shingles

One of the easiest ways to tell if something is wrong with your roof is by looking at your shingles. If they’re curling upwards, your roof needs repair. After all, curling shingles are on their way to becoming unhinged and flying off, and may have already caused roof leaks.

There are many reasons why shingles curl, including poor ventilation, improper installation, and old age. Roof specialists can determine what’s causing the damage, and they can also propose solutions, from simply aligning the tar line of your shingles or stripping the old roof bare and reshingling it completely.

Granules on the ground

Asphalt shingle granules shouldn’t be on the ground but on the roof. So if you find them around your yard, you might need to bring in the roof experts to see what’s wrong.

In most cases, time is the culprit: asphalt or composite shingles crumble into granules when they decompose due to years of use. However, improper installation, manufacturing defects, and meteorological events like hail storms can also cause shingles to disintegrate prematurely. Always be on the lookout for sandy residue on the ground or in your gutter — even if your roofs are just a few years old.

Roof leaks

Even without visible drips from the ceiling, you can be sure that there are leaks in your roof if you have:

  • Water stains on the ceiling that look like little puddles;
  • Moisture on the walls, especially around electrical outlets or lights;
  • Peeling paint, especially under roof eaves; or
  • Bubbled walls and swollen ceilings or door casings.

Leaks are difficult to find, and most of the time, they aren’t located directly above the damaged part of your house since water can crawl along different materials like wooden beams, pipes, and coated wirings. Save time and effort by bringing in expert roofers to examine your house for leaks.

Sagging roofs

Roofs are inclined at certain angles to provide optimal protection against harsh weather conditions. When they start to sag in places, their capability to protect the structure beneath them drastically dips as well. Worse, they can collapse and injure people inside.

Roof sagging can be caused by many factors, such as misplaced rafter ties, rotten sheathing, weak roof timbers, and defective purlins. Sometimes, they curve downward due to the sheer weight of the roof itself, an issue called “overloading.” To bring your roofs back to their upright, symmetrical form, seek the help of your local roofing company.

Anyone can spot roof damage, but it takes professionals to fix them. D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc., Inc. offers all-around roof repair services, from tile restoration to roof leak repair to preventive maintenance. And because we know that some repairs can’t wait, our 24-hour emergency service is open round the clock. Call us  or fill out this form so our representatives can reach out to you.

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