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Get your roof ready for autumn

leaves on roof

Autumn is here! Not only is it the season of innovative Halloween costumes and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s also the perfect time to get your roof checked. The leaves have already fallen, so it’s the best time to clear your roof of debris. And the first snow hasn’t descended yet, so you still have time to patch up or reinforce your roof. Before the harsh winter sets in, follow this checklist to keep your house stays warm and cozy this fall.

✔ Inspect for damage

Conduct a visual inspection of your roof. From the ground, go around your property and check for curling or missing shingles, deformed flashings, or signs of rotting. If you notice anything that indicates your roof might not withstand the harsh winter, call your roof experts so they can perform a closer inspection and repair your roof if necessary.

✔ Clean your gutters

Gutters catch rainwater and melted snow, so it’s important to check their openings for leaves and branches that might cause clogging. If you don’t get your gutters cleaned, they might overflow, letting water seep into the foundation or into your basement. Worse, if your gutters can’t drain, they can fall off because of the weight of water. Call your local roofer for a complete roof maintenance before winter fully arrives.

✔ Examine your downspouts

Downspouts are drainage pipes that lead water from the gutters to the ground. Make sure there’s no blockage around the outlets and that they are draining properly. Also check where the drainage goes and lead the pipe away from nearby property. If you want, you can also call experts to devise a water collection system by attaching your downspout to a storage vessel that will allow you to reuse rainwater.

✔ Check for pests

Pests like termites might be living under your roof, so call pest control experts to check for and eliminate infestation. You might also need to consult roof specialists: termites have a voracious appetite for wood, and you might need to replace parts of your roof’s foundation if these pests have eaten through it.

✔ Remove moss

Moss collects water and moisture that can rot wood and corrode asphalt shingles. In worse cases, moss overgrowth can lift your shingles and remove them. To avoid roof damage while keeping your house aesthetically pleasing, ask your local roofers to clean your roof of moss.

✔ Insulate your attic

As soon as the equinox passes, temperatures get lower. Attic insulation helps you achieve optimal and comfortable temperatures by providing a layer of protection against the freezing temperatures outside. Insulation also helps you save on electricity bills, as it helps trap warmth inside your home, thereby lessening the need to rely on heating systems.

Autumn is the best time for roof maintenance and repair

Take advantage of clear autumn skies to seal roof holes, reinforce your structure, or replace damaged roof parts. During this time, sealants, paint, or caulking will dry without incident, so your roofs will surely be waterproofed by the time winter comes. And if you need to install shingles, the crisp autumn weather is the perfect time to do so — shingles tend to break easily when the air gets too cold.

Winter in Nevada can be harsh on your roof. We at D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. know this firsthand, because we have been taking care of residential roofs in Reno and Carson City for 43 years. Prepare for the long and cold winter by completing all necessary roof installations and maintenance this fall. Call our roof specialists at (775) 521-7440 or fill out this form to get a free estimate.

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