Here’s how to safely clear your roof of snow and ice

It’s wonderful to see Nevada’s suburban neighborhoods covered in snow! Families build snowmen, sled down hills, or just lie down and make snow angels. But, as with all good things, too much snow can mean bad news, especially for your roof.

Firstly, snow may melt and refreeze into ice dams that could compromise the watertightness of your roof and cause leaks.

Keep pests off your roof and out of your home

Well-built roofs are meant to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy loads such as accumulated snow (up to a point), but all sorts of critters can diminish roofs’ structural integrity and strength. To make the crown of your Nevada home last as long as possible, watch out for these pests:
Termites and carpenter ants
When your roof suffers a leak and wooden structures start to rot, termite and carpenter ant infestations usually follow.

Roof insurance 101

Nevada experiences all sorts of extreme weather year after year. If your roof suffers extensive damage due to hail or a severe thunderstorm, paying for repairs or replacements all on your own would be a tremendous financial burden. If you’re a home insurance policyholder, however, your insurer may cover most of the expenses.

4 Signs you need better roof ventilation

There are many things that we just don’t give a second thought to. One of those things is our roofs. If these look gorgeous on the outside and aren’t leaking on the inside, then we’re good. Heck, most people aren’t even aware that roofs are built to let hot air escape and let cool air in.

7 Tips for proper roof cleaning

If crowns of monarchs are polished regularly, then surely the crown of your Nevada home — your roof — would need continual cleaning, too.

You might think that Mother Nature uses the rain and wind to do the roof cleaning for you, and you would be partially correct. However, it is also the wind that brings detritus, such as leaves and spores from algae and moss, onto your roof, and it is the rain that triggers spore germination and fosters growth.

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Want more natural light in your home? Install solar tubing

Compared to the light from LED bulbs and fluorescent lamps, natural light makes Nevada homes feel cozier. In fact, during the winter, exposure to sunlight prevents people from suffering seasonal affective disorder. And when we’re treated to sunshine, our skin synthesizes vitamin D — a vitamin that keeps our immune system in good shape — from cholesterol.

4 Things that can shorten the life span of your roof

The life span of your roof is not a given. Proper maintenance can spell the difference between a roof that lasts decades in Nevada’s extreme weather versus a roof that requires frequent repairs and replacements. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the things that can directly damage your roof, tarnish its beauty, and necessitate costly repairs.