Our Clients

“I would like to take a moment to thank you and your company for a job well done. In business today, many people fail to say “Thank You” loud enough. I must commend the crew who completed my home roof repair in such a professional manner in a short time frame. Moises, Thomas and Alex did an exemplary job and worked in such a teamwork manner that it was great to witness these gentlemen work together to complete this task. As a former tradesman, and a superintendant in industry, I would love to have individuals of this caliber working for and with me. They are the type of people who make your company great, if there is any benefit that can bestowed on them, they deserve all the praise I or your company can grant.”

“I understand that there had been some issues and delays as we were originally slated to have this project completed in June, but the results are well worth the wait. Thank you for the great job, having great employees!”

Reno, NV

“I want to say Thanks to you and your crew for the great job you did on my house roof. It really looks beautiful and there was never any mess around when they finished at night. I would highly recommend your services to others.

Reno, NV

“Thank you! Your crew was great. The inspector gave his final today and liked what he saw! Said D&D Roofing does good work! And you do!”

Reno, NV

“Thank you so very much for taking care of everything so efficiently. My sincere appreciation.”

Reno, NV

“Mr. VanDyne, just a quick note to let you know how satisfied Wendy and I are with our new roof. After returning from a weekend outing we were able to get up on top last night and take a look at your crew’s work. It’s a beautiful thing. I did not realize how bad the roof on the back room was until Jose began to take it apart and his replacement looks fantastic. I’m looking forward to a big rain to see it in action. Also, you have an excellent crew working for you. They are some of the hardest working men I have ever encountered and please give them credit for such.”

Reno, NV

“Thank you very much for the work done by D&D Roofing installing my new roof and with the addition of insulation. I would like to take this opportunity to specifically commend the crew who worked on my house, lead by Juan Carlos. These men worked extremely hard, long days in very high heat. They were courteous when I needed to talk to them. They represented D&D very well, and I really appreciated their excellent work. Thanks Again”

Reno, NV

“In the spring of 2017, your Project Manager Robert Gentry came out to our home to assess a small rook leak. Although the home and tile roof are only 15 years old, Mr. Gentry recommended complete removal and replacement of all roof materials. Obviously, a project of that magnitude is a very expensive undertaking and worthy of much consideration. It was the authentic trust conveyed by Mr. Gentry, his attention to detail, and wise recommendations to scope of materials proposed that led us to accept his Proposal. As you know, it is the professionalism shown by front-line employees that creates the necessary confidence in the customer to secure contracts. On September 18, your team arrived at our home to begin its work. It was an incredible reassurance to see that Mr. Gentry would be onsite and leading the work crew for the entire project. He provided me his cell phone number and encouraged me to call him as necessary. He is a master roofer. Specifically, I witnessed again his attention to detail, journeyman craftsmanship, and leadership of his men. He is an incredible asset to your business! Please also convey out thanks to all the members of your crew who worked on our home. We very much appreciate their skills and team work.”

“I would like to personally take this opportunity to commend your employees, Mr. Fernando Barajas & Mr. Carlos Moran, for the outstanding and professional work ethic and leadership demonstrated during past roofing projects for our clients, Prologis. Fernando & Carlos exhibited ingenuity and a keen understanding of the roofs details to ensure that the installed roofs provide the utmost in quality for the owner. The work was done in an exemplary fashion and Mr. Barajas & Mr. Moran made sure that the specifications were explicitly followed. The pride showed in their work and attention to detail, and is greatly appreciated by our firms as well as the owner. We would like to present the enclosed jacket as a small token of our appreciation. It signifies to us that Mr. Barajas and Mr. Moran are artisans and belong to an elite group of craftsman that consistently demonstrate quality workmanship in their trade.”


“I am writing to tell you about my experience with D & D Roofing and Rich Borden. My experience is based on a 7 month project so I will do my best to summarize as best I can. In April 2009 I had a foreclosed house on Hunter Lake Drive under contract to purchase. The first and most important known repair was the roof, which clearly leaked and needed to be replaced. The roof was one of several improvements I would make to the house during the next few months. Due to the importance of the roof I started calling roofing companies before I purchased the house on May 8, 2009. I called three roofers, one responded quickly with a visit and an estimate, one responded with a visit and never provided an estimate, and one never responded. The roofer that did not respond was D & D, so I crossed D & D off my list. However, in the following weeks D & D came highly recommended by four people (Gary and Ester Nielsen, my uncle Dade Thieriot and Peter Funston) who said they know you and D & D Roofing and I should take the time to make another effort to get an estimate. So, I made another call to Rich Borden, who was very apologetic for not responding to my first call. Rich was prompt in scheduling a time to come out and take a look at the project. I was skeptical until I saw how thorough of a review Rich made of my roof, much more so than the other two roofers. The estimate was quick to follow. Upon receipt of an estimate from D & D I had information from two companies. The estimate from D & D was quite a bit higher, but once again, much more thorough with the details. I worked with Rich on price and based on the recommendations and how impressed I was with the evaluation process I decided to move forward with D & D. From the day I signed the contract with Rich to replace the roof, skylights and gutters, the project at Hunter Lake Drive had changed and expanded several times to include roof fascia wrap, chimney cap, electrical box cover, and Gaco deck coating. In addition to the change orders, the overall renovation project had run into several delays due to non D & D issues. However, Rich and the D & D team were very helpful with temporary patches and working around the incompetence of others. Rich and D & D were onsite dozens of times to check progress and work integrity. There were a few bumps along the way, but overall the job was organized and managed in a professional manner. I give kudos to Rich for a fine recovery on a job that was almost never materialized for D & D. It was a pleasure working with Rich and the D & D team, and I would be happy to provide a recommendation on behalf of D & D and will certainly call D & D first the next time I need roofing or sheet metal work done in Reno/Tahoe area.”

“I wanted to commend you on a superb job done by you and your company on a timely replacement of my roof . The crew was professional and worked efficiently to get my re-roof completed in a mere four days, I was amazed how well they worked together. The crew was cordial, knowledgeable, and diligent…my hat’s off to a great crew. Thank you for obtaining the proper permits with the Washoe Building department and getting all the necessary materials delivered on site in such a timely manner by friendly drivers who quickly placed sheeting and shingles in the proper places for your great crew. Cleanup around the perimeter of my house was an unexpected bonus, none of us want to catch a nail in the driveway!Thanks for a job well done. Call me if I can be a reference for another homeowner in the future.”

“I wanted to send my thanks to your company for the roofing job you recently performed at my residence. I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years and have had the pleasure working with some very fine companies during that time. I wanted to let you know that your crews performed the work flawlessly! They removed and replaced our roof within three working days, the yard was cleaned nightly and the level of workmanship was impeccable. You truly have a first class operation that you should be very proud of. Please pass on to your crews a big thank you and a job well done. It has been my pleasure watching your company work with so much passion and expertise.”

Reno, NV

“Thanks to you and your crew for the fine job. It was a pleasure having the work performed by your company. You & your crew were very professional and efficient.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire crew for the terrific job that was done for us. You have two wonderful team members, Cholo and Tracy, who treated us magnificently. The hard work and dedication shown to us made it possible for the difficult project to be completed during the winter season. We, here at the Airport Plaza Hotel, are very grateful for all of this consideration from your crew and we would confidently recommend your company and specifically this crew to any person who has any roofing needs. Happy Holidays and again, thank you very much.”

the Director of Maintenance at the Airport Plaza Hotel

“D & D Roofing has recently completed work for Wright Brothers at the Lahontan Springs Apartment Community. In dealing with D & D and especially their representative, Donn Wold, I was very pleased with the service and efforts put forth to compete the scope of work that was contracted. Donn has been very helpful and professional in completing this scope, even with delays caused by weather or other construction related delays. I would definitely recommend D & D to do work with again.”