The top seven reasons why you shouldn’t fix your roof yourself

The top seven reasons why you shouldn’t fix your roof yourself

It’s just a tiny leak and several crumbling asphalt shingles — surely you can fix them yourself and there’s no need to call for professional help, right? Besides, there are countless videos of roof repair tutorials online, and you can always run to your local hardware to get all the supplies you need.

As tempting as it may seem, do NOT try to DIY your roof. Here are seven compelling reasons why.

  • You can cause more damage – Roofing contractors have years of experience under their belt so they know exactly how to fix your roof. You don’t. As such, you may cause further damage because you don’t completely understand the problem.

    For instance, you may think that the issue is just one small leak. In trying to fix that leak, you may step on a weak part of your roof and it may give, getting you literally stuck in an uncomfortable situation. You can also damage your roof by mishandling equipment or by incorrectly doing roof procedures.

  • You actually spend more – When you DIY, you have to purchase everything — down to every last nail and shingle. And because you might not get things right the first time, there’s the danger of your work falling apart when the wind picks up: when shingles start flying and flashings get loose, you will have no choice but to bring in the professionals and cough up those dollars nonetheless.

    If anything, the only thing you will not be spending on is labor. But then you will still be spending time and effort if you do your own repairs, so you’re still technically spending resources.

  • You void your warranty – Some manufacturers provide a warranty on their products under the condition that they have been installed in accordance with proper application instructions. If you damage these products during your little rooftop DIY adventure, you risk voiding their warranty.
  • You might get into insurance trouble – Homeowners insurance policies cover all repairs and replacement if the damage is caused by nature. But if you caused damage to your own house, you might not be eligible for insurance. If you already have a policy and your insurance company finds out that you tried to fix your roof, your policy can be canceled.
  • You can hurt yourself – A slip down the slope of your roof can sentence you to a lifetime in a wheelchair; one equipment mishap can cost you a finger. Unless you really want to live your life on the edge, leave roof maintenance and repairs to the professionals.
  • Your work will not look as good – Unless you have extensive experience in installing or replacing roofs, your lack of skill will likely result in shoddy workmanship and your roof's poor appearance. While DIY videos make renovations look easy, remember that you simply can’t master a skill without enough practice, no matter how many hours you spend watching a tutorial.
  • Repairs can take longer – Assessing the roof, acquiring the necessary equipment, and doing the actual job all take time, especially when you have untrained hands. A roofing job that would take experts two to three days to finish can take DIY enthusiasts up to several weeks. Surely you would rather be in favor of the former since it’s the much more efficient option: delays only translate to more inconvenience and higher expenses.

Roofing is a serious business. Entrust your roof repairs to contractors who have the experience and the skills to get your roof fixed within budgets and deadlines. D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. is your local roof expert, trusted by Nevadans since 1977. For any roofing project in the Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, or Carson City area, contact us.


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  2. I totally agree with not trying to fix your own roof, it can be so dangerous! I have a roofing company in hawaii, I really like your website and wat you guys are doing!


  3. Michaela Hemsley

    Thanks for explaining that if you try and fix your roof yourself, you could damage it further by not using the equipment correctly. My husband and I noticed last week that a lot of the shingles on our roof are starting to curl and look old, and he has been thinking about trying to fix it himself. I’ll have to tell him that we should go with a professional instead to make sure that everything can be done safely and correctly the first time.


  4. Charles Johnston

    Great reasons to leave roof repairs to experts. We are located in Washington DC and many homes have an access hatch onto the flat roof so it’s tempting for homeowners to do their own repair with such easy access. But we always caution against this for all the reasons you cited.
    I also wrote this list of things to look for when selecting your roofing pro

    Great post,


  5. There were some shingles that fell off my roof last night from the big rainstorm. It makes sense that roofing contractors can fix any part of the roof and have the equipment to do so. I’ll have to call a roofing contractor to assess the damage and see how much it would cost me.


  6. Thomson Smith

    Thank you for pointing out that it’s important to hire a professional for roofing repairs to ensure that they are done properly. I found out yesterday that my roof has a leak, so I’m thinking about hiring a professional to repair it for me. I’m going to look for a good provider of roofing repair services in the area to hire.


  7. topic: Roofing contractor Hartford

    Thank you for this article. Most homeowners are very fond of watching DIY videos. However, it is still the best option to contact an expert. Repairing a roof is a very delicate matter. For your safety and in order to save money, it is a good idea to hire roof contractors.


  8. Claire Masters

    I agree with what you said that replacing your roof yourself could be very dangerous because the slope of the roof could be very slippery. My husband mentioned that he is planning on fixing the shingles on the roof himself to save on costs. I’ll follow your advice and dissuade him from doing it and just leave the work to the professionals.


  9. Roof contractor

    Great article, it is better to leave the work to your local roof contractors. Opting to fix it yourself may just lead into an even bigger problem. Thank you for the tips.


  10. Athena Ruiz

    I agree some insurance policies will not cover man made damages. Especially if they found out that damage was done by the owner himself. It is still better to contact a roof repair service in order to honor the agreement stated in your insurance policy.

    Great article! Lots of informative tips. Thank you for this.


  11. Marcus Clyde

    Subject: Roofing New Haven

    I agree with all the reasons stated in this article. One of the primary reason as to why you have to let experts fix the roof is for safety. Roof contractors are equipped with all the necessary materials to fix your roof. This means that they are aware of the danger of the job, and has knowledge on the different safety equipment needed. Thank you for this helpful article.


  12. I strongly agree with this article. Why waste money and time on buying the equipment and fixing the roof yourself when you can contact your local roofing contractor. Also, the quality of the work will be better. This means that most of the time DIY roof repairs are easily damaged due to strong winds. Thank you for the informative reasons you have stated.


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